Monday, November 29, 2010

Take 2

Thank YouDid you find fundraising for your second walk to be a bit more challenging?  Did the awe factor wear off when the same people that donated to walk number 1 received a letter that you were going to do it again and needed their support?  Did you find that you had to do a bit more work the second year to raise the necessary funds?

Although the cause is the same from the previous year, I have a hunch that raising the money will be more of a trial.  The same fundraising tactic that worked last year, may not have the same dramatic effect as it did last year.  I want to ensure those that donate understand the real reason I am walking, so I need to get to work revising my initial fundraising letter.

While my mother is still the inspiration and the reason that I walk, there is so much more that I can talk about having last year’s walk now under my belt.  I’d like to focus on the community involvement (A.K.A the cheering stations), the friendships that were forged on the walk, the stories that people shared about loved ones.  This is the real reason for the walk.  We all have a person that has impacted our lives and it is important to make a stand against this disease.

I walk because others can’t.  I want to ensure that when you donate to my walk, that your voice is heard.  Your money will be going to help fund breast cancer research and bring us all one step closer to finding a cure.  I’m not asking you to walk 60 miles with me and camp in the freezing cold, I’m just asking that you help the millions of women (and men) that suffer from breast cancer.  I’ll do the heavy lifting.

This holiday season, I do not want gifts that will simply collect dust, just donations.  This donation is your gift to me and the millions of others that you will bless.

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  1. You can count on a donation from Brian and I again this year. I have 4 close friends, including your mom, who have survived and 1 that hasn't. I also have 2 friends who survived endometrial cancer. You make us proud, Aaron!