Monday, December 13, 2010

Facebook for the Cause

FacebookHow do you use the social networking king, Facebook, to help fundraise, spread the word, and keep others informed of your 3-Day progress?  I’m sure with the number of people out there using this tool, some great ideas are in abundance.

Facebook provides a quick and easy way to get your point across to a great many people, but also is one of the easiest mediums to ignore.  Have you had success in your fundraising through this particular method?  Susan G. Komen provides the widget that helps alert people to when a monetary donation is made, however, I don’t believe this actually spurred any of my “friends” to take that next step.

It didn’t work too well for me in regards to the fundraising aspect, but the one thing it did provide was a place for others to provide short snippets of encouragement, inspiration, and other messages during my training that might have otherwise never been received.  To me, this is just as important as the monetary donations, as training for a 3-Day walk is quite the challenge.

Although the above questions refer to the fund-raising timeframe prior to the walk, what about Facebook’s use while on the walk?  Did you use the “check-in” feature to provide your friends with your whereabouts and status?  Did you post pictures during the walk?  Of course, while following all of the rules and regulations revolving around cell phone usage.

Let us know how you use Facebook to help your 3-Day journey?

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