Monday, January 17, 2011


Walking for Her FutureAs I look back on 2010, one of the memories that I hold dear is the Susan G. Komen 3-Day for the Cure. The thought of walking honestly started in 2009. I was driving in my car, listening to the radio when an ad played (and continued to play for the next few weeks) talking about the 3-Day. I thought wow that would be a neat goal to work towards. Not only would it get me off of my couch, it would also allow me to do something to give back to those that have given so much of their lives to my upbringing (my mom). So needless to say, nothing happened (in terms of the 3-Day in ’09)…the thought quickly faded and the walk went on without me, as it had for many years previous to that moment.

In 2010, the ad once again came on as I was driving to work. This time, it struck a chord…knowing that I was so lazy in the past; I wanted to act quick before the fire faded. I signed up for a getting started meeting and quickly became enamored with the idea of walking for my mom. I still had some selfish ambition to get off the couch mind you, but this time, I really wanted to say thanks for all of the time, love, blood, sweat, and tears my mom poured into my upbringing. She did a fabulous job, but please don’t tell her that, it might go to her head.

As I left the getting started meeting, I was on fire…but quickly thought, how in the world am I ever going to raise $2300.00?! I have never fundraised in the past, nor do I know a lot of people that I felt comfortable enough asking for their hard earned money. Everyone said that this was easier than expected and the walk was the hard part…yeah right. So in 2010, I started simple and non-obtrusive; email. I was blown away by the response. I honestly never believed that I would get the response I got. A lot of people responded to my initial email blasts with donations! The generosity was amazing,

While I reached my goal in 2010 of raising $2300.00, the one thing that I was a bit one-sided on was the reason for these donations. Why were people donating the money they donated? I decided in 2011, the one thing that I wanted to know is the reason for the individual’s donation and honor that during my walk. Is it for a loved one, a friend, a relative, themselves, or just because they want to help? These reasons are the reasons I walk and I don’t want them to be lost in the donation. I want to honor that this year in my 2011 walk, so as you consider donating, please think of the person(s) that have impacted your life and let me know the reason.

Upon the donation, I will add them to my Web site for a constant reminder, as well as to a special cape that will be worn ALL 60 miles of my journey, Thank you for your sacrifice, as every dollar counts!

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